G191A (CO2) Pistol Replica

A gas-powered sidearm replica by WELL. The replica was made mostly from metal. Polymer parts include grip linings and small internal elements. The replica bears an excellent resemblance to classic, known construction.

The gas compartment is located in a 25 BB magazine. The set includes a CO2-powered magazine. The replica has a Blow Back system, which significantly raises the realism of use of the replica when after each shot the slide is slid backwards as is the case in live firearm. Once the last shot has been fired, the slide remains in the rear position.

The replica features a double-sided, winged safety, which locks the slide and a rear, pressure safety that prohibits accidental firing of the replica without correct placement of the hand on the grip.

The set includes:

- replica
- CO2 magazine

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G191A (CO2) Pistol Replica

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