SRT-01 carbine replica

SPARTAC replicas family is the perfect choice for airsoft players who are seeking good quality products at a reasonable price. The main factor that enables for reducing costs is using a good quality plastics in place of metal for components (including the replica"s body) in manufacturing process. At the same time, gearbox made of metal (providing over 400FPS!) and good quality mechanical parts inside make the SPARTAC replicas as effective on the airsoft battlefield as their more expensive counterparts.

Just moments after taking the replica out of the box the user will notice a very careful fitting of individual elements – there are no loose parts or clearances, even in key places such as stock or fore end / front grip – which is present in many other replicas. Each SPARTAC replica includes a set of necessary accessories such as the battery, charger or a sling – the replica is basically ready for action.

Most of the replica"s core components are made of plastics. These are, among others, front grip, stock and sights. The outer barrel is made of ZnAlu, while the magazine box and dummy lock are made of steel. Despite the usage of mostly plastics, the user will not notice an unpleasant creaking of the material which is present in most "cheap" replicas.

SRT-01 features a detachable top carry handle underneath which is a universal 22mm RIS mounting rail. It enables for mounting a wide range of telescopic sights. The replica also features an adjustable collapsing stock with an anti-slip butt. The outer barrel ends with a 14mm left-handed thread which enables for mounting of a suppressor.

Access to the hop-up adjustment system is typical, upon retracting the cooking handle. Safety / fire selector is located on the left hand side of the body. The heart of the replica is a solid, v.2 type gearbox made of metal, fitted with a set of steel gears, warped spring guide and 7mm bearings, which enables for c.410FPS muzzle velocity, straight out of the box. Shots fired from SPARTAC are precise and the firing range is great thanks to 360mm long inner barrel.

The replica includes a hi-cap magazine made from steel and plastics holding 300 pellets. Replica"s battery is located inside the front grip.

Additional accessories shown in photographs are not included in the kit!

The set includes:

– Replica

– Magazine

– Battery

– Battery charger

– Sling

– Ramrod

– Manual

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SRT-01 carbine replica

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